4 side seal machine

for powders & granules

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Doser FAF

Auger Filler Doser for fine non free-flowing powders.

One (1) Multiple Auger Filler that includes :

  • Product inlet horizontal screw feeder
  • Pre feeding hopper with agitator
  • dosing augers, straight or self-feeding type driven by individual servomotors
  • Servo driven product cut-off system
  • All parts in contact with the product are made of Stainless Steel or other food-grade material
  • Dosing hopper with a transparent inspection window for external level control by means of capacitance sensors
  • Aluminium Frame Base to mount Multilane sachet machine lifting columns
  • Programmable number of auger revolutions to achieve the targeted weight
  • Programmable agitation control
  • Alarm function indicators with error messages to aid location of the problem

Fill products: Chocolate powder, digestive salts, instant drink, baking powder, vanilla sugar, pharma powder, powdered stock, non-sugar sweeteners, etc.

  • reels up to 1200 mm width [sealing width up to 600 mm] and 600 mm diameter;
  • various servo-driven dosing systems available for wide range of products such as: liquids, powders, wet tissues, tablets, small solids;
  • BPMBS®: patented modular construction system for rapid maintenance and easy sachet format change;
  • standard device:
    • automatic and motorized reel unwinding;
    • automatic print registration [patent pending];
    • modem for remote troubleshooting and PLC software status diagnosis;
  • basic parameters easily adjustable from control panel [sachet length, output speed, number of sachets to form a group, sealing temperatures, enabling and/or timing for various devices eg. hopper agitator, photocell control, printer, vibrator, etc.];
  • various optionals available such as:
    • automatic reel centering;
    • reel join detection;
    • easy tear notch;
    • transversal and/or longitudinal perforation devices;
    • dosing system accessories;
    • end of line systems [automatic cartoning machine, manual cartoning conveyor, etc].
  • 10” touchscreen operator panel;
  • recipe management: all settings [including phasing of knives] can be saved and retrieved for fast setup during format changes;
  • machine logs access from LAN for statistic purpose;
  • flexible remote access for assistance and upgrades. N° 3 [three] connection modes can be used to connect the machine.: local network connected to internet, phone connection to a local internet provider, direct phone connection;
  • optional brushless motor fo PRINTER head movement;
  • sealing jaws electronic alternation system;
  • N° 2 [two] separate motorized knives for transversal cut and perforation function. The phase of each knife can be set from the operator panel without stopping the machine;
  • cooled electrical cabinet;
  • improvement of PILZ safety system by utilization of magnetic safety switches on the doors and a dedicated safety module for axes speed control.
max reel width 600 / 900 – 960 / 1200 mm
(reel width / 2 / sachet width = n° production lanes)
max reel diameter 600 mm
sachet width min. 25 / 40 mm – max. 150 mm
max sachet length 250 mm
voltage 400 V + N + PE
installed power 20 Kw
average absorption 3 – 4 Kw
output speed in excess of 4000 sachets/min.
dimensions [max] 2800 x 2260 x 2210 mm

Flowchart for liquid fills and four side seal sachets

Layouts of four side seal sachet machines

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