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Building Sachet Packaging Machines

since 1957

Boato Pack automatic primary packaging machines are designed to work as stand-alone but can also be combined to work in line with boatopack secondary automatic packaging lines, therefore providing automatic packaging machine with turnkey solutions where needed.

Our automatic high-speed four-side seal vertical packaging lines are flexible.

They can be fitted with different automatic feeding and filling systems, forming and filling sachets with various types of product. They can work at high speed with our cartoning machines, and the operator controls packaging through an automatic interface.

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Liquid sachet filling machine

ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, alcoholic fruit pops, tomato paste, ice lollies, dressings, margarine, chocolate, nut paste, soy sauce, oil, vinegar, mustard, hair gel, BBQ sauces, disinfectant, detergent, tomato paste, dressings, etc.

Powder sachet filling machine

salt, sugar, sweetener, sasoning, choccolate powder, digestive salts, instant drink, baking powder, vanilla sugar, pharma powder, powdered stock, non sugar, detergents, soluble drinks, powdered soups, etc.

tablets, sweets, choccolate buttons, mints, other small solid products etc.

Wet Wipes sachet machine button
Non-Woven products + liquid.

Boato Pack primary packaging produce different types of sachets, forming and filling four side seal sachets, twin sachets, triple sachets with the same or different products simultaneously (i.e. solid/powder/liquid) per each lane.

There are various options available for our four-side sealed sachets, stick pack and pillow bag in sealing pattern, easy tear notch, longitudinal and horizontal perforations, coding solutions (embossing, hot foil, ink-jet, laser). All the above primary packages can be fed individually to our secondary package, either orderly or randomly in a display/carton or a case, as well as in strips into a case (pouch loader).

choose by sachet

4 side seal

Four Side seal sachet


Stick pack sachet


Flowpack sachet


Sachets in a carton

The “ORIGINAL” modular construction system with BPMBS® modules.

Four side seal sachet machine Tornado EVO
stacked four sides seal sachets


More than all the characteristics such as speed, efficiency, low maintenance, etc…, two technological characteristics differentiate our machines from others, flexibility and “turnkey” solutions.


Our customers need to rely on a single professional supplier when “primary packaging in display” becomes a must for them.


The sachet length is easily adjusted from the display, the width is fixed and can be changed with an easy size change accessory.


The preventive maintenance is reduced to 4 hours/year/shift, an advantage of the modular concept is that the maintenance operations can easily be carried out on the bench.


The reliability of our machines is guaranteed by their mechanical construction, the highly stressed parts are over-dimensioned, servomotor movement reduces the mechanical parts and the machine production is standardized as much as possible.
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